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The Protector of the Land
and its People

CRESCENT is the story of Kamaria Saad, an archeologist in Cairo, Egypt, who at night changes into a vigilante.

Empowered by the spirit of an ancient pharaoh, CRESCENT is compelled to safeguard the land and its people, extending her protective reach acreoss Egypt and the entire African continent, delivering salvation and righteous retribution where needed.



CRESCENT #0 was first created and published in 1996 by Reggie Byers and co-creator, Aaron Beatty.

The small press independent comic book was in black and white with a painted full color by Byers.

CRESCENT #0 was an introduction of the character, which went over well in the comic industry, but the series never


Twenty-eight years later, the 1996 comic will be reprinted and published by SECOND SIGHT PUBLISHING.

CRESCENT is an intellectual property owned by B(Reggie Byers and Aaron Beatty)
which is represented by Kairo Entertainment Studios.
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